Learn through real life case studies

Understanding the disease is one thing. Understanding how the disease can REALLY be managed is another.

CAM wants you to immediately start changing the lives of dogs and their owners by easily incorporating your new knowledge within your own work.


Become a fact expert

CAM is an independent organisation with a strong evidence-based ethos.

"We believe that changing owner, vet and public perception of how to diagnose and treat pain in animals will lead to improved and extended lives for animals and their owners."

Learn from those able and willing to promote fact over profitable fiction.


Learn how to educate your clients

Excellent knowledge, experience and problem-solving skills still require great communication capabilities to influence change.

CAM incorporates tips, hints and advice from experienced veterinarians into every module.

Become a CAMadvocate

Earn Continuing Education Units/Credits While You Learn!

“What an amazing course!

Great content.

Lots of information."


35% of all dogs suffer silently with arthritis.
It is a leading cause of premature death.

Be their voice. Be their advocate.

Course contains…

Client Handouts, Teaching Aids & Promotional Material
Social Media Support & Further Online Learning

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Join the #YourDogMoreYears Movement
Module 2: Potential Intervention Points - A Lifetime Case Review
Module 3: The Motivator - Why You Should Join the #YourDogMoreYears Movement
Module 4: Owner Management - Case 1: An Owner that Doesn't Recognise Pain
Module 5: Case 2 - The Owner Who Fears Medication & Case 3 - The Overweight Dog
Module 6: Case 4 - The Owner that Doesn't Stick to the Plan & Case 5 - The Limited Finances Case
Module 7: Fact from Fiction - What We Currently Know
Module 8: The Multidisciplinary Team
Module 9: What Would Excellent Canine Arthritis Case Management Look Like?
Module 10: Case 6 - The Welfare Case & Holly's Story - What Happened?


Empowering, engaging, and emotional.

CAM courses will not disappoint!

"After following CAM, the incredible Hannah and her exceptional team, I knew that completing this course and becoming a CAMadvocate was of great importance, not only for my continued growth in understanding the complexity of this disease, but also the importance my role has to play in continuingly raising awareness and education.

I look forward to your next course and my continuing journey with CAM. #neverstoplearning" -Sarah D.

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